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Glass Handbag patented designer handbag lighting system

The patented light panel system is the best current technology in interior handbag lighting.  The system is the most cool temperature, flexible, reliable, durable and long lasting evenly dispersed light available.  

What are the details of the lighting system?

• Very Thin—0.18 mm maximum thickness - leaves room for pockets and takes minimal space
• Low-power consumption - no need to re-charge and easy to replace readily accessible batteries 
• Moisture resistant - no worries about liquid spills.
• Flexible -  adapts to the shape and movement of your handbag.
• No heat - always cool with no overheating dangers
• Uniform light within each handbag - spreads even light for easier accessibility
• Long life — the life span of a the light panel is up to 25,000 hours.

Why are batteries better than re-chargeable handbags?

Why be stuck looking for an outlet?  Batteries are readily available almost everywhere you are.  They can be replace in a minute rather than waiting hours for a recharge.  Always have your light available when you need it.  

How long do the light and batteries last?

Our light panels life span is an estimated 25,000 hours. Battery life depends on use, but typically last about 1 month with everyday use.  Currently our handbags function on common AAA batteries, or C2032 batteries.


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