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Handbag owners have perpetually struggled with navigating the contents of their bag in dark settings. In 2010 Glass Handbag Designer & CEO Tamara Leuty had found the solution;  a durable, weightless, thin panel of light, built inside a handbag that doesn't get in the way of the normal everyday use.  "Function and technology doesn't have to be unattractive, it can be attractive too." says Tamara Leuty. 
Elegance and style come through with the use of custom designed hardware, colorful palettes and various textures. 
Our interior lit handbags are uniquely designed by Tamara Leuty who takes pride in each design and countless hours towards a unique impression.  Longstanding for quality materials and craftsmanship, Glass Handbag has sold handbags worldwide.  
This luxury light panel system is a moisture resistant, weightless, durable, and flexible lighting element.  The lighting panel system is built inside every lighted purse we make.
We strive to obtain a perfect mix of materials with custom designed hardware and high quality synthetic and natural leather and customized dying, embossing and laser cutting techniques.  Every handbag is unique piece of art.  The interior lighting system is an added complement to the design and function of every handbag we create. 
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This product has granted and pending patents in multiple countries including the United States, China and Europe. Glass Handbag Inc., is prepared to take any and all legal actions against infringement and or pirates.