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What Color Handbag Goes Best With a Black Dress?

A black dress is an ideal backdrop to bring out your creativity. It is neutral, and black will give you great flexibility when selecting a handbag color.

You can be sophisticated or wild -- either way, Glass Handbag styling options are plentiful.

A black, silver, gold or graphite handbag for a sophisticated look. Keeping the color palette confined to neutrals or metallics, will you let your dress be the star of the show. If you go with black on black, use different textures, such as satin, beaded, or suede for some visual effects to a monochromatic look.

A black dress can be your canvas for choosing a bag in a vivid hue of color. Those vibrant colors are more appropriate for an evening event that is less formal when you want to be a little wild. Eye-catching shade can add excitement to a little black dress too.

Whether you're a fan of the trendy Louis Vuitton purses, an aficionado for the likes of Gucci, Coach, Fendi, and Prada, you'll love these Designer bags by Glass Handbag.

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