Tamara Leuty Founder, Designer, CEO


 Tamara Leuty Glass Handbag Designer



Founder Tamara Leuty started her fashion journey in Dallas, Texas as a hair and make-up stylist for advertising and fashion catalogs. In 1991, she made a major shift and relocated to New York, where she made the jump into fashion and advertising photography.

In 2010 Tamara Leuty began the product development with research and conceptual planning for a solution to a problem that had tormented every handbag owner since their invention. A integrated light system that allows you to see what’s inside your bag. Finally in 2011, she created the first prototype for Glass Handbag. Readied with ideas, sketches, and a plan, Tamara initiated the manufacturing process and launched Glass Handbag in 2012.

Today, Tamara functions as CEO and Designer of Glass Handbag Inc., overseeing creation, production, and distribution of every lighted purse sold by the company. Committed to accessorizing the world with a stylish and functional handbag. Tamara has stayed true to her roots in fashion, contributing an innovative product to the fashion industry.